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Wing Chun is widely recognized as one of the fastest styles in the world. It has a speed and directness of action that is difficult to match. Ideal for self defense as a starting point for further study of Martial Arts or simply as a hobby. Wing Chun is both challenging and rewarding and can be practiced anywhere. This DVD is based solely on Wing Chun as a self defense art.
It draws on all three of the original forms but there is little or no training in specific movements or the forms themselves. Instead the training is centered on real life application and situations that may arise. In its original form Wing Chun is already an outstanding self defense art but by drawing on his own extensive knowledge Sifu Wong has created this Wing Chun hybrid to speed learning and make the techniques practical for all. Making use of a partner for much of the training you will learn how to apply the techniques to people rather than dummies or in thin air.
This form of teaching helps you to understand the energies and forces involved and also demonstrates how the techniques do not require great strength or flexibility to be able to use. Aimed to be an introduction into self defense this DVD will give you an insight into the world of self preservation and martial arts that is available to everyone but exploited by few.


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